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Fitness through connection.

Hale supports personal trainers, their clients, and fitness lovers looking for a trainer. Our belief is that the fitness through connection that personal trainers provide is the best way to become fit and healthy. 

For Trainers

Focus on the important things…

We understand the ways business can distract you from doing the thing you love – helping clients reach their fitness goals. Hale is built to help you with:

New Clients

Hale connects you to new clients in your area. Create an eye-catching profile and increase your client number!

Easy Bookings

Clients can access your calendar directly so no more juggling schedules via text and phone call!

Custom Packages

Customized packages give you complete control over your finances with seamless in-app payments.

Automatic Notifications

Hale automatically notifies your clients when they are running out of sessions, no more awkward conversations about payments!

Build Skills

From fitness certificates and Instagram marketing skills, to connecting you with elite trainers, Hale offers custom services for trainers to grow their business.

Financial Protection

Hale allows trainers to set 24hr cancellation policies with automatic notifications for your clients, protecting you from last-minute calculations.

For Trainees

Connect and Train

We believe that the motivation and accountability provided by in person trainers is the bets way to reach your fintess goals. Hale is built to help both those new to personal training as well as long term clients with:

Find a trainer

We make it easy to find a trainer that can provide the accountability and motivation you need to reach your goals.

Save time

See your trainers calendar and find a time that suits you, without 10 messages back and forth.

Seamless payments

Seamless in-app payments by credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay makes transferring money to your trainer easy.

Simple Bookings

Trainers can change their availability at the touch of a button using the Hale calendar. No longer do trainers and trainees need to exchange a dozen messages for every reschedule.

Custom Packages

Hale’s custom packages allow trainers to have full control over their pricing and give their clients the ability to purchase bulk packages.

Happy Customers!

I love working with people and watching their health improve! Hale has been a huge help to me as a trainer. They have also really listened to what I need from a trainer focused app. Steven Boyle

Personal Trainer

I had a simple goal, be able to lift myself out of the pool. After months of unsuccessful attempts I felt really discouraged. Hale found me a trainer who helped me quickly reach my goal! Margaret Leahy

Social Worker

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